Difference Between Wlan vs Wi-fi

wlan vs wifi

Having computers means that you need to understand the fundamentals such as WLAN and Wi-Fi, most especially when setting up your own net café or just for your house. The basic is WLAN stands for “wireless local area network,” and Wi-Fi stands for “wireless fidelity.”

WLAN connects 2 or more computers and this is the popular method used in internet cafes. All the computers are connected to one central computer that controls the communication, such as data, documents, without the use of USB if one document needs to be printed or to other accessories. Remember that WLAN transmits internet through the radio waves from one central computer to the rest.

Wi-Fi is the most convenient way with the fastest speed of connecting gadgets to the internet. You may have noticed gadgets having “Wi-Fi ready,” which means that the WLAN configuration has been set and the gadget can readily connect to any hotspots in the area. It has a wider ground covered, and can connect several kinds of gadgets, from smart phones, tablet, notebooks, and computers.

Try to check your own gadgets in the settings tab. You will be able to check the connectivity, whether WLAN or Wi-Fi. To understand their differences meanthat you recognize their purpose.

Following are key Difference Between Wlan vs Wi-fi

Denote Wireless Local Area Network is a network of computers that uses high frequency radio signals to transmit and receive data. Wi-fi is a term used for a family of products that work in WLAN networks
Devices Device in WLAN essentially use Wi-fi branded products Device of Wifi is ready for network operation within a WLAN




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