Difference Between Windows 7 home basic vs Home premium

windows 7 home basic   vs   home premium

Windows 7 is available in variety of suits in order to fit every home needs – or business needs. One of the versions is Windows 7 Home that comes in Basic and Premium. They target different markets and function differently.

Windows 7 Home Basic is the cheaper version that is available in the tight-budgeted countries – such as the third worlds or developing countries. One of the limits in function is the visual Aero support, known as glass-like interface first introduced in Windows Vista. Another is the Windows Media Center that is not present and should be installed separately. The other features can’t be open altogether.

Windows 7 Home Premium, on the other hand, is available in countries considered developed – U.S.A., European countries, and many others. In contrast with the Basic, this has Aero visual support and a lot of features, like photo viewer and other media players. The applications can be opened together for multitasking and the Windows Media Center comes with it.

The main reason of these differences is in order to separate the suits, so if you are in developed countries and bought a Home Basic, you will not be able to activate your product. And same goes with the Home Premium.

Following are key Difference Between Windows 7 home basic vs Home premium

Windows 7 Home Basic Home Premium
Cost Less expensive Expensive
Market Sold in certain areas Sold worldwide
Support Partial aero support Full aero support
Network Capable only in joining. Able to create and join home network
Characteristic Not equipped with Windows Media Center Equipped with Windows Media Center


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