Difference Between White vs Orange sweet potato

white   vs   orange sweet potato

In the U.S. markets, confusion about the different kinds of sweet potatoes happen due to mistake in labelling them. In getting the facts straight, the origins and the meaning of the terms will be taken in consideration. Also, we will shed some light on the physical differences and nutritional benefits of these two relatives.

The white sweet potato is also known as the “firm sweet potato,” because of the firmness of the flesh even when cooked. It usually has a golden to pale yellow skin and the flesh is creamy white to pale yellow. It also contains more sugar, and is basically used as an ingredient for desserts or main course and contains amounts of beta-carotene. This perhaps is the most popular kind of sweet potato in the market.

The orange sweet potato has been labelled as the U.S. Yam, although it is different in their origins. The real Yam is a tuberous plant related to lilies and has a brown, bark-like skin and a white to purple or reddish-purple flesh. A sweet potato is a tuberous plant that belongs to the Convulvolaceae family. The orange sweet potato has more beta-carotene due to its orange flesh. When cooked this becomes fluffy and creamy.

Following are key Difference Between White vs Orange sweet potato

White Sweet Potato Orange Sweet Potato
Color Color of Skin white Color of skin orange
Sweetness White potato is much sweeter than orange sweet potato Not so sweet compare to white sweet potato
Beta-Carotene Less beta-carotene Contain more beta-carotene
Flavor Mild in flavor Not so mild
Skin Soft Skin Hard and has a solid texture


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