Difference Between Vitamin D vs Vitamin D3

vitamin d vs vitamin d3

Vitamin D supplements are presented in a bottle as Vitamin D3, this shows that Vitamin D has a lot of forms, and needs to take this form to be stable, depending on how it is used.People can manufacture Vitamin D in the skin, with the exposure to sunlight, much like plants can manufacture through the leaves.

Vitamin D is the usable form that can be absorbed by the body. It is presented in two forms, Vitamin D-2 or ergocalciferol, the fungus-based Vitamin D, especially in the mushrooms. Another is cholecalciferol or Vitamin D-3, the widely known type of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D or calcitrol,makes bones strong, and enough Vitamin D in the system to prevent fractures, bone-related injuries and illnesses such as rickets and osteomalacia. But people cannot ingest Vitamin D as it is unsteady, it has to be in the form of Vitamin D-3. It also plays a part in the growth of cells and in immunity. Continuous research is still in progress to know the other functions of Vitamin D in humans

Aside from Vitamin D-3 as supplements, it can be found in other dietary sources. These are fish such as salmon and mackerel, other seafood (oysters and shrimps), and egg.

Following are key Difference Between Vitamin D vs Vitamin D3

Vitamin D Vitamin D3
Ingredients Manufactured by both plants and animals Animals skin as a byproduct of synthesis
Benefits gain Not beneficial in all its form Good for the body
Where can you get? You can get vitamin D from fortified foods or pills In the form of pills or in liquids, they are rarely found in foods


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