Difference Between Vaseline vs Petroleum jelly

vaseline vs petroleum jelly

People interchangeably use Vaseline and Petroleum Jelly to refer to a product, perhaps because both smoothens and moisturizes their skin. Aside from the manufacturer, the basic difference is the components of the product.

These products are used for makeup removal; placed on dry skin, chapped lips, thick callous, and many more. Most people saw the benefits, but some studies prove otherwise. The most common problem it causes is the clogging of pores – pores can’t breath, therefore causing inflammation underneath the skin. Another is it can cause breakouts (production of acne) as petroleum can trap dust and other pollutants.

Vaseline jelly is known to contain 100% petroleum, however it doesn’t. It is a mixture of pure petroleum jelly with minerals and some micro-crystalline was making the texture smoother and silkier. It also has different fragrance, the most common being lavender. It is sold in different forms such as creams and lotions.

Petroleum jelly is extracted from the natural petroleum (the black one), went through various processes until it reaches the translucent characteristic and mixed with semisolid hydrocarbons. Most commonly known as petrolatum and is sold in smaller sizes (which is easier to carry) to bigger ones. Traditionally, this is used to prevent diaper rash in babies.

Following are key Difference Between Vaseline vs Petroleum jelly

  Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
Composition Made of pure petroleum jelly with microsrystalline wax Partial solid mix of hydrocarbons
Description Another form of petroleum jellyUsed as ointment and lubricant Transluscent semi solid hydrocarbons
Smell Has fragrances like lavender and baby oil Similar to oil and gas
Creator\Discoverer Robert cheeseborough-1859 Oil Miners,1859


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