Difference Between TV (Transvestite) vs TS (Transsexual)

tv   vs   ts

Our society is filled with wonders and evolution, this in turn causes confusion to the lifestyle and the total society. One “evolution” is the creation of the “third gender.” However, some people belonging to this status object this notion and that they actually belong to one of the two known sexuality – the male and the female.

Therefore, more confusion arises on whether the female is a male; the male is a female, or still the same gender in another gender’s clothes. Thus, the creation of the terms TV and TS – Transvestite and the Transsexual. What is the difference?

The transvestite is any person who totally cross-dresses. For example, the male prefers to wear female clothes, let his hair long, wears female clothes, uses make-up, and loves everything about female things. Also, the female chooses to wear male clothes, do male stuff, cut her hair short and tries to hide her chest, or change her voice. Transvestite does everything to be known as the opposite gender, from their biological sexuality.

Transsexual,on the other hand, goes beyond the cross-dressing as they want to be recognized as part of the other sex. The famous line, “I am trapped in the wrong body,” is common. Therefore, they (if financially capable) go for tons of surgery to attain the other gender’s physical appearance. As an example, males undergo breast augmentation, change of genitalia and many more.

Following are key Difference Between TV (Transvestite) vs TS (Transsexual)

Clothes Opt to wear the clothes of the opposite sex Wants to become a member the opposite sex physically
Longing to change There’s no need for complete body change Intense need to become someone of the opposite sex


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