Difference Between Tuxedo vs Suit

Suit  vs  Tuxedo

Stylish formal clothes for men, tuxedo and suit, are used by men to look more elegant and handsome. However, experts in fashion have listed rules to differentiate the clothes worn by men.

Physical Differences:

Satin buttons, trimmings, lapels, pocket trim, and leg of trousers are seen in tuxedos. Satin is known as a high fashioned garment. The traditional tuxedos have ribbons instead of black tie, and are used in special and formal functions such as weddings. Suits use the regular type plastic buttons and no satins, and are usually used in business.


The regular color of tuxedo is black and white. Black tuxedo needs to have satin, however white tuxedo (jacket and turn-down collar shirt) needs no satin, and is paired with black pants and accessories.

Suits are the versatile type. Whatevercolor necktie you use, or even without a necktie, a suit can be worn anywhere and anytime. Even just going to supermarkets, going to work, attending the church, and many more.


They come in pairs – pants and jackets. However, Tuxedos cost higher. Nowadays, tuxedos come in different colors, still in pairs, but still retains its original form and function. On the other hand, suits can cross match, can have different collar shirt colors and accents, at a cheaper price.

Following are key Difference Between Tuxedo vs Suit

Tuxedo Suit
Physical appearance Have satin facing on the lapels, pocket trim, buttons, and a satin side stripe down the leg of the trousers. Don’t incorporate any satin and usually have either plastic buttons or buttons faced with the same fabric as coat.
Functions Best for   formal functions like wedding, funeral ,business conference Ideal for prom, award ceremonies, charity events, not so formal wedding events.
Shoes Only shiny patent shoes Smart formal shoes
Jacket Lapels Presence of   Satin is evident Same compositions as rest of the jacket
Trousers Matching stripe(satin) going on outer leg of pants No satin stripe outside of pants


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