Difference between Travelling and Exploring

Traveling is definitely one of the most grateful experiences to enjoy. We just can’t get enough of that feeling provided to us by new cultures, climates, and attractions. However, traveling can come in a bit pricey. Transport, hotels, tourism; every little thing adds up to a pretty expensive vacation. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to afford those amazing experiences.

travelling vs exploring

Though, luckily for them, there’s more than one way of breaking monotony from their home city. This one other activity, exploring, serves a very similar purpose. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about any Indiana Jones kind of stuff.

Exploring is simply a cheaper alternative to traveling. You might not be able to walk all the way to other countries, but hey, there’s much more cool stuff around you that you’d think.

These two activities are very different, yet very similar at the same time. Don’t limit yourself to just one if you have the opportunity to enjoy both. Here’s some insight on each of the activities:



If you’re traveling, chances are you’re going to a different country. I mean, vacations days are gold. No one spends them preparing luggage and taking a flight to the city next to theirs.

Some travelers prefer to follow the touristic routine, while others prefer to explore on their own. Like I said, there’s no need to limit yourself to just one.Your agency will recommend you some specific routes and attractions, but many people do some venturing on their own. Don’t be afraid of checking up a couple of destinations by yourself.

While traveling, you’ll learn about the culture of your destination. You get to learn through dramatizations, plays, speeches, or informative films.

Some tourists aren’t looking for too much information, they just rather sightsee on their own. This is not the case for everyone, of course. The world’s full of things you don’t know, try not to miss out on valuable information about other cultures.

Travelling gives you the option to meet aspects of other countries that are completely different to yours. You’d be wasting your time if you don’t as much of it as possible. After the trip is done, you’ll be back to the same food, same culture, and same people you’ve always known.

Keep that in mind.


The great thing about exploring is that you never need a specific destination. You don’t need airplane tickets, you don’t need luggage, and you don’t need a large budget. Exploring is being passionate about what you don’t know yet. There’s a lot of stuff at our doorstep that we don’t even know about.

There’s no need to travel to a far destination to try something new. I’d bet there’s a lot of awesome destinations in your own city that you don’t even know exist. A forest to camp, a mountain to climb, a river to follow; possibilities are endless when it comes to nature.

Exploring is about getting lost – and enjoying it. Don’t take it too literally though, you want to know where you’re standing. In fact, you want to be careful when selecting your destinations. Explorers should inform themselves about the surroundings they’ll explore. Make sure you’re properly equipped for each trip.

The idea of this activity is going out your comfort zone in an entertaining manner. If you’re a city person, try the mountain! You never know when you’ll find your new favorite zone. How can you find new things if you don’t look for them?

It’s not about the destination – it’s about the trip as a whole.

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