Curiosity made an individual to wonder, discover, and learn. Mankind uses powerful devices or tools to push the limited capabilities human body for their continuous discoveries.

  Telescope Microscope
Usage Used to view things that are far Used to few things that are very near
Denote Watch the minute details of the objects Watch the minute details of the objects
Focal point Focal spot of the objective overlapping with the focal spot of the eye piece Short focal length, and the focal spot of the eye piece is further away

Two of these devices are microscope and telescope. The sight of our eyes has its limits and decreases in clarity through aging, but with these scientific devices, human kind have been able to see the farthest of the skies and the smallest organisms present on the earth’s surface. Telescope and Microscope differ in terms of its uses, technical and physical aspects. The telescope is affiliated with the study of astronomy while the microscope is mostly used by scientists in the field of biology and medicine. Telescope’s capability is to see heavenly bodies and dimensions in the space such as planets, asteroids, and even galaxies. Microscope’s field expertise is with the study of organisms, it is able to see microorganisms which are not visible to our naked eyes. The aspects that differs the two devices are also with their technical or physical attributes. The telescope has long tubes that give a longer focal length or the distance from the focal point to the lens, while microscope only has a fraction of an inch focal length because the microscopes tubes only lengths within 12 inches or shorter. The devices also differ in the use of light or illumination. The telescope is able to see objects from space through solar light that reflects into them while microscope only uses artificial illumination in order to see microorganisms or other specimens.


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