Fashion is an indication of attractiveness, style, comfort and good fit of the garments. Nowadays, people are aiming for the best fit of the apparels on their body to look fine. Men and women are being conscious with how will they look and how to keep their poise and confidence. People are being bewildered at times in comparing between tailored fit and slim fit. What exactly are their differences? Which do you prefer, slim fit or tailored fit?

Tailored fit Slim fit
Definition Is a type of clothing that is customize with the proper body measurements by the tailor Line of clothing that clings to a body of a person to enhance his frame
Size Can be altered or made to order to match sizes in the market Ready to wear size
Pants Shorter rise, narrower leg Shortest rise, slimmest leg
Lapel Narrower Slimmest Lapel
Body Narrower Slimmest
Shoulders Cut to the shoulders Narrower shoulders

Slim Fit

If you’re aiming for a tight fit and emphasizing the contour of your body, the slim fit is the best choice for you. Even if a chubby person can wear a slim fit to make him/her look slim especially for those who have ice cream cone-shaped body. It is perfect apparel for average and lean individuals. It is the opposite of a loose fit type of clothing and normally a ready-to-wear standard size garment.

Tailored Fit

From the word itself “tailored”, this type of clothing is being guided by the proper measurements of the body contours usually done by a sewer or a tailor. It is not a standard fit that we often see in boutiques or malls because it is being customized based from the body measurements of the wearer.


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