Difference Between Nationality vs Citizenship

It might be far too complex to explain the difference between these terms, as both are matters of every nation, and part of their law. Their origin, usage, and new meaning will be ... Continue Reading →

Difference Between Ethnicity vs Race

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Difference Between A Hijab vs A Burqa

A symbol of their faith and religion, a scarf worn on the women’s head in Islam, actually has different types. The common types are Hijab, Niqab, Burqa and others. However, in this ... Continue Reading →

Difference Between TV (Transvestite) vs TS (Transsexual)

Our society is filled with wonders and evolution, this in turn causes confusion to the lifestyle and the total society. One “evolution” is the creation of the “third gender.” ... Continue Reading →

Difference Between Muslims vs Arabs

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Difference Between God vs Lord

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Difference Between Islam vs Muslim

A belief in the Prophet Mohammed as the one and true messenger of Allah (God), and the author of Quran. This is one of the highly populated religions, which mainly originated in Middle ... Continue Reading →