Difference Between Tablet Pcs vs Netbooks

tablet vs netbook

The focus of having netbooks and tablet pcs is for convenience and portability for every user. There is no need to bring the heavier laptop or to rent computers in a café just to get your work done. These two gadgets combines the effectiveness and manageability of the features anywhere.

A smaller version of a computing tool with complete keyboard and connectivity, the netbooks are more popular, as you can carry our documents, wherever you go. The LCD screen varies from 8 to 10 inches depending on the user’s style, and weighs less than 1 and a half kilograms. Of course you have to understand that because of its compact design, the operating system is also lesser.

Tablets are now much more popular, as it is the middle gadget in comparison to laptops and smartphones. It can contain similar features with a smartphone, with multi-touch control when the needed activity is with the internet. It can run with the latest operating systems, and can double up with your smartphones. Although most tablets don’t have applications for making documents (Microsoft Office), it can help in your searches.

Benefits and disadvantages are found in both gadgets, and how you look at it will determine which is best for your lifestyle.

Following are key Difference Between Tablet Pcs vs Netbooks

Tablet Netbook
Cost More expensive than netbook Cheaper than tablet
Touch screen Need to have touch screen interface Don’t have   touch screen interface
Prone to damage? Yes No


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