Difference Between Tablet vs Notebook

tablet vs notebook

Two of the most handy computing devices available in the market today has developed from just the simple things they can do, to almost doing everything like a desktop will do. But what really separates them, aside from the substantial characteristics and attributes, is its capacity for multi-function and production of work.

If software such as Microsoft Office, is needed then no denying that Notebook is necessary. It might have a slower operating system, but can match the laptop and desktop functions. The tablet has the fun side written all over it, it’s cheaper and it offers various features that are similar to a smart phone, only bigger screen size.

There is also a limitation in their storage capacity, however, notebooks have larger storage than tablets. So for those who enjoys lots of media, an external storage might be needed for a tablet, but still a good accessory for a notebook.

Both are undeniably portable and compact, can be carried anywhere, and connected/hook to other accessories. But when it comes to traveling and not work-involved activities, tablets are the best choice. It is easier to conceal and to use.Although there are smaller-sized notebooks that have the capacity of a laptop.

Following are key Difference Between Tablet vs Notebook

  Tablet Notebook
Consumption device Creation device
Reliability Mostly able to do one thing at a time More powerful for multitasking
Usage Emails, video conference, read reports and browse the web Office suites
Battery life Excellent battery life Lower compared to tablet
Apps based Software based


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