Difference Between Sweet paprika vs Paprika

sweet paprika   vs   paprika

Recipes at times can be tricky as they require ingredients that might seem new to a home cook. And looking out in the market might be disappointing as even some sales clerk can’t help you with it – as in the case of sweet paprika and paprika. What seems to be the difference?

The basics:

Paprika is a mixture of different pepper pods, dried and grounded, and used as a spice. The varieties of ingredients used give it different colors such as red, white, brown and many more. It also gives a variety of flavors, therefore the difference between the sweet type and the plain type.


This paprika is considered to have a regular taste – not sweet, not spicy. Some even consider is as being bland. It is used as a garnish and to add color to a dish. This is the most common and convenient type, making it available across the globe.

Sweet Paprika:

As the name imply, this is much sweeter than the regular type. The powder is usually from Hungary. The characteristics presented is pungent smell, sweet and spicy, bright red in color, with a hint of zest. Because of its uniqueness, this spice can be found in specialty markets, but some supermarkets can sell them, too.

Following are key Difference Between Sweet paprika vs Paprika

Sweet Paprika Paprika
Taste Sweeter taste Bland taste
Market Availability Available in Specialty gourmet markets only Can easily buy in most markets and shops.


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