Sucrose Vs Lactose

In defining sweets, it is not always the one that you consumed when eating food or drinking some beverages. There are relative compounds that make up a substance forming a sugar. It is important to know the significance of having a sugar in the body as it affects the human internal system. Let’s have a brief discussion regarding the distinction of a sucrose and lactose, which fall as kinds of sugar.

  Sucrose Lactose
Common name Table Sugar Milk Sugar
Mostly seen Vegetables and Fruits Milk
Generated from Glucose + Fructose Glucose + Galactose


Taste Sweeter Less sweet
 Enzyme that breaks it down Sucrase Lactase
Deficiency Sucrose intolerance which is very rare Lactose intolerance which is quite common

With regards to their similarities, both are categorized as disaccharides in the biochemistry terminology. They undergo processes to produce the sugar. Take, for instance, a sucrose is derived from two sugar units namely glucose and fructose. Sucrose is infused with overload sweetness and normally, it is digested in the smaller intestine along with the process of absorption. On the other hand, a lactose comprises of a galactose and glucose. It is also digested in the smaller intestine, less sweet than the sucrose, and hard to dissolve, unlike any other sugar compounds. A person suffering from excessive sugar is termed as a lactose intolerant because the small intestine can no longer digest the lactose in a normal process. Meanwhile, it is rare to hear a person having a sucrose intolerance.


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