SS Gestapo
Denote Police organization of  Nazi Germany (Schutzstaffel or Security Services) Police organization of  Nazi Germany (Geheime Staatspolizei or Secret State police)
Founder Emil Maurice Hermann Goring
Year started 1923 April 1933

During the time of military dictatorship of Adolf Hitler, there were two police organizations established in Nazi Germany. These groups of policemen were under the rule of the Nazi party which was named as SS and Gestapo. They committed blood lust and violent punishment to those who will be against their alliance party took place at the time of the World War II.

The German term GEheime STAatsPOlizei is abbreviated into Gestapo and it pertains to a secret state police. The organization was founded under the hands of the Nazi army leader Heinrich Himmler around April 20, 1934 to 1939. The special and abusive power vested in these officials based from their law is called Schutzhaft or “protective custody”. This unlawful ruling allows the police officers to arrest anyone and throw in jail without the intervention of the judicial power.Hermann Goring was the first commander and leader of Gestapo police way back on the time of WWI.

Whereas, the word Schutzstaffel refers to the German police officials “SS” which means “protection squad”. This police group is still under the tyranny of Heinrich Himmler in the course of World War II around 1929 up to 1945. They manage to slaughter thousands of people without any mercy and defend their chief commander Adolf Hitler. The first commander and leader of the SS is Emil Maurice during the World War I.

The most unforgettable murder that the whole world had witnessed in the entire history was the numerous deaths of Jews that reached up to 6 million corpses.



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