Speakers Vs Woofers

  Speaker Woofer
Analogy Whole sound duplication process Is a small part of the system
Simple definition Electronic device that converts electrical signals to sound. Taken from the word ”woof” which Is the sound of a dog’s bard
Price expensive cheaper
Frequency supports high frequencies Handles lower sound ranges like bass

The loudspeaker is a relatively simple electro-mechanical device.  But for most people, the manner in which it operates presents mysteries which raises questions and perpetuate a number of peculiar myths.  The speaker consists of a magnet assembly with a voice coil which drives a cone.  The cone is suspended in a metal frame to center the voice coil in the magnet assembly air gap.

While the input to a loudspeaker is an electrical signal, its output is an acoustical (sound) wave which radiates into the listening room in all directions and is reflected many times before it dies.  How do you go about measuring the sound wave in the different frequency range?

Woofer is the bass range where low audio frequency sound is reproduced.  In this range reflections from the room surfaces occur in phase with and reinforce the direct wave from the speaker.  For higher frequencies, the times of travel along different paths differ in a random manner which does not permit this degree of reinforcement.

Reflections inside the cabinet reinforce or reduce response in narrow band of frequencies. You can manipulate the final sound output to suit your listening pleasure by increasing the low or high frequencies proportionate to the mid range.


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