Sodium vs sodium chloride

We often encounter this chemical term as the compound name of salt. Although these two words relate to each other since the word “sodium” is present among the two terms still they are different when it comes to their built and chemical reaction. In this context, you will be guided with the proper distribution of differences of the two.

  Sodium Sodium chloride
Origin Latin “natrium” natural soda, a kind of salt German “zout” of the same meaning
Common Name Soda Salt (table salt)
Chemical Symbol Na NaCl
Definition Chemical Element which has an atomic number of 11 Chemical compound that is brought about due to the reaction of sodium and Chlorine
How is it produced Electrolysis of molten Sodium Chloride Evaporation of Saltwater(brine)

Sodium is an important element that sustains nutrition in the body. It is reactive than naturally occurring because when the body ingested salt that comprises of sodium chloride, only the sodium part will remain in the body. This is a chemical reaction that takes place inside the human’s system. Meanwhile, the sodium chloride naturally occurs in the environment. The salt can be obtained through the oceans or seas. It is a caveat to know that great quantity of salt ingested by the body may bring about bad implications hence, it will deteriorate the system. What might be the possible results? It may affect your liver, kidney, or cause urinary tract infection (UTI). Always keep in mind that a moderate intake is the key to a healthy body and is always enough to supply your daily nutrition in the body.


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