Difference Between Shia vs Sunni Marriage

shia vs sunni marriage

Part of the few other sects in the Muslim community – Shia and Sunni are misrepresented by the non-Muslim community. Each of them presents their own culture, tradition and beliefs that are within the basic culture in the Quran.

The Marriages in Shia and Sunni show their own perception when it comes to the solemnity of wedding ceremonies. And intersect marriages rarely happen due to the wide differences.

The Sunni Wedding:

For this sect, marriage is a permanent notion and in any case divorce is filed, it is only between the husband and the wife. The ceremony called “nikah,” and it is only for shorter periods. Two legally aged men for consenting the wedding and should be present during the entire ceremony is needed as witnesses.

The Shia Wedding:

The length of the wedding ceremony, “nikah,” is longer and it starts with a bath of the bride and the groom. During the ceremony, there is a need to deliver a six-versed prayer. The belief of Shias is that marriage is a temporary custom, in which the groom and bride can enter a pre-agreed arrangement for a certain period of time, and marriage just comes naturally. The marriage itself can terminate on its own without the need for divorce.

Following are key Difference Between Shia vs Sunni Marriage

Shia Marriage Sunni Marriage
Beliefs Temporary arrangement of marriage, there’s a pre-agreed length of time Permanent form of marriage
Bath Ceremony There’s a bath ceremony before the wedding No bath ceremony
Witness Not required It is required


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