Seizure vs stroke

People suffer from health conditions that are primarily stemmed from the malfunctions on the brain as well as from poor eating habits. The accumulation of genetic health problems, fatigue, stress, and eating food that does not provide the proper nutrition may contribute to the seizure or stroke. Eventually, if these conditions are not prevented or treated properly may lead to dangerous health conditions which include death.

  Seizure Stroke
Frequency Recurring Can be a one and done experience
Common Culprit Epilepsy Burst blood vessel, usually on the brain, also cause by clogged arteries.
Prevalence Any age Seen more  amongst elderly
Life threatening No Yes
Permanent Damage No Yes

To explain the medical terms properly, let’s start with the word stroke. This condition happens when the brain have failed to properly or completely receive the supplied with blood and oxygen. This condition of stroke may also result from internal bleeding of the brain hence, it is also referred as hemorrhaging. Moreover, this is a chronic condition that may cause imitation and damage of the brain cells. Some of its symptoms are difficulty in speaking, severe headache, numbness, and dizziness. On the other hand, a seizure happens when there are sudden multiple activities on the brain thus, there is a random impulse and excessive brain circuits. People who have epilepsy are the victims of the seizure. Moreover, its symptoms are not limited to muscle convulse, uneasiness, and rigidity of muscles.


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