Difference Between SDS plus vs SDS max

sds plus   vs   sds max

Have you heard of Roto Hammers? These special types of hammers are used to drill holes in almost everything due to its strong horsepower. “Roto” is a contraction of rotation, which means it rotates. To perform the drilling of holes, SDS Plus and SDS Max are used as drill bits.

SDS, the acronym for “Steck (Insert) – Dreh (Twist) – Sitz (Stay),” in the German Language, and manufactured by Bosch. These drill bits can easily be released and locked into place by a press. They could be used for different projects, and used with one Roto Hammer.

SDS Plus can drill the smallest hole with only a diameter of 1 and 1/8 inches, compared to other SDS in the length bracket of 10mm. It is inserted in the chunk for 40mm deep. It is the lightest and can be interchanged with the regular SDS drill.

SDS Max is more expensive and heavier that SDS Plus. It can bore larger holes with a diameter of 2 inches. It is used for heavy-duty jobs such as chiseling, cutting, chipping, digging and bushing, due to the three open grooves and a controlled locking segment. The shank length is 18mm and should be inserted up to 90mm.

Following are key Difference Between SDS plus vs SDS max

Denote Lightest and smallest bit interchangeable and comparable to the original. Bigger and heavier is not compatible and interchangeable to any drill bit.
Grooves Has four grooves and locking balls Uses spline shaft which is not fit to SDS PLUS. Has three grooves with locking segments
Diameter Can do 1 and 1/8 inches diameter Can do 2 inches diameter
Cost Less expensive More expensive


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