Router Vs Switch

A Check on Your Network Connection

Router and Switch are devices both used in connecting to the internet. Router is a networking device that directs data in a network in the form of packets- between computers, and between a computer and a modem. Because of this function, a router is typically used in a Local Area Network (LAN), and a Wide Area Network (WAN). Broadcast, Uni-cast, and Multi-cast are its transmission types and has a transmission mode of full duplex. It can have two, four, or eight ports. Furthermore, Router allows Network Address translation that enables devices to share an IP address in a sub-network. Also, routers have firewalls that are helpful in enhancing the security of the network.

Switch on the other hand is a small hardware used to connect two or more nodes in either same network or different ones. It enables multiple devices or computers to connect within one LAN.  Its main transmission type is broadcast; unicast and multicast can be used if necessary. Transmission modes can be half or full duplex. Data transmitted are in the form of frames and packets and has multiple bridge ports of usually 24 or 48. However, a switch cannot perform network address translation and consequently cannot share an internet connection.



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