Respect VS Honor


It is most often that people use the words respect and honor interchangeably and also at the same moments, they are mostly recognized by many as synonymous in their meaning. Because of their some similarities in meaning, this case is inevitable; however, these words are having their own meanings which can differentiate them in each other.

  Renaissance Reformation
Meaning ‘Rebirth’-The golden age of Arts ,Science,Literature,Economy An Attempt to reform the Catholic church
Era 1300-1700 1517-1648
Famous Persons on said Era ·         NiccoloMachhiavelli

·         Francesco Petrarch

·         Dante Alighieri

·         Leonardo da Vinci


·         Martin Luther

·         John Calvin

·         Henry VIII

·         Desiderius Erasmus

Where it Started Italy Italy
Depiction ·         Age of Recovery

·         New perception on human worth and ability


·         Schism of Catholic Church

·         Inquisitions

Contribution Printing Press, Banking Industry, Humanism Protestantism

Respect is the time when people give an ethical value to a person in a way of recognizing them with high esteem in a personal perspective. On the other hand, honor is characterized more by the process of assessing a person’s degree and social status. The basis of giving respect to an individual is his/her qualities that is commendable and which is also a trait that defines the personality of the person. While the honor’s basis is the person’s notable works or achievements in the society which deserves a proper recognition and applause.

In providing respect, the character of a person is transcended but is also being involved in the way a person gives respect to his culture, society, and history. Honor is mostly recognized by people as higher than respect because every honored person is respected but not every respected people were honored.


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