Renaissance vs Reformation


The diversity of the people’s thoughts, religion, life principles, rules, tradition and customs play a vital role to the revolution of a country. Many people are against the laws, pro-laws or are just forced by the laws. The battle between the church and state as well as intellect and faith creates a huge disturbance and misconception among the nation. To address further, these two principles that contribute a large impact among the people included renaissance and reformation.

Renaissance Reformation
Meaning ‘Rebirth’-The golden age of Arts ,Science,Literature,Economy An Attempt to reform the Catholic church
Era 1300-1700 1517-1648
Famous Persons on said Era ·         NiccoloMachhiavelli

·         Francesco Petrarch

·         Dante Alighieri

·         Leonardo da Vinci


·         Martin Luther

·         John Calvin

·         Henry VIII

·         Desiderius Erasmus

Where it Started Italy Italy
Depiction ·         Age of Recovery

·         New perception on human worth and ability


·         Schism of Catholic Church

·         Inquisitions

Contribution Printing Press, Banking Industry, Humanism Protestantism

Renaissance concentrates on the intellectual revolution that involves classic civilization through scientific, artistic, philosophical and political thoughts. The notable moment of this movement earmarked at the 14th century and generally, it connotes that the rich are considered as the individuals with powerful influence and are deemed to be the leaders. On the other hand, reformation contrast the renaissance theory, it dwells on the religion revolution being the center or subject of the moment other than intellect. This is the primary reason on why there are several worshippers that devote in different cults of faith and belief. Reformation studies are centered on the subject of religion in an academic way to count the teachings or life lessons of the Catholic Church.


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