Pumps Vs Platform

pumps  vs  platform

“Your shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you. Wear nice shoes,” Cathy Foley cautions.  Eye contact is important in communication.  When your eyes stay long on the other person,  the effect is different.  You need to make eye contact from time to time in the conversation.  The eyes stray downwards to the pair of shoes and not upwards in most cases.  Women have the largest selection of footwear than men.  A woman’s wardrobe is stocked with different pairs of shoes to match the clothes.  High heeled shoes are a favorite of most women.  Two most common types of high heels are pumps and platforms. What is the difference?  The main difference is the angle of elevation.

  Pumps Platform
What it is High heeled women shoes and have low cut front High heeled women shoes  with high fronts as well
Fasteners no yes
Base Lower at the front Thick all around
Front Toes are grounded 1” higher from where the toes are


Pumps are higher in the rear and shorter in front.  Pumps have no buckles or straps and have closed backs.  These shoes are part of a woman’s formal wear to the office and other occasions.  Pumps are easy to put on and off.


Platforms are high heel shoes for women in front and back making the angle of elevation of a woman’s foot even all around. Elevation angle of the feet for a lady wearing platform is less pronounced compared to pumps.


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