Propeller Vs Impeller

propeller  vs  impeller

Propellers are mostly used in aviation and ships to provide forward motion of airplanes and ships.  It is easy to become emotional about the advantages and dangers of equipping airplanes and ships to ensure safety in landing and docking. The other concern is ensuring safety during flight and sailing. What does a plane require to stay up in the air?  Fuel, pilot, ground crew are important elements in the aviation industry.

  Propeller Impeller
Denote Specially designed blade with a motor Specially designed blade with a motor
Purpose Designed to cover rotational motion into forward thrust Designed to used rotational motion to suck fluid in
Design Has an open design Always inside the housing or casing

Your concern as passenger is to reach the destination.  You pay for the services and the company takes care of the technical side to deliver the services.  How do airplanes fly?  Airplanes and ships need propellers to move.  Propellers are made of blades. The pressure difference in the blades pushes both air and water behind in conformity to natural laws.

You have piped water inside the house.  The only time you question how the system works is when the taps run dry. Water pump sucks the water from the main water pipe line into your house and pushes it to the overhead tank works on the principle of impeller pump.  This pump sucks up and distributes water from the main line to your taps and overhead tank storage in the house.  While the propeller generates outward thrust of motion, impeller increases pressure and flow of water to its destination.



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