Private Hospitals VS Public Hospitals


What does private and public hospitals have that differentiate them? Basically, a private hospital has plenty of medical personnel and proportionals that can cure and provide consultations to the patients. It has fully furnished facilities that can house the patient and there is no sharing of rooms hence, it is solely intended for the patient and his family. The patient have his personal doctors and nurses that will assist and provide medical services. Usually, a private hospital is much expensive rather than a public hospital. Food, medicines, room, utilities, service fees, doctor’s professional fees, and other expenses were charged to the patient’s hospital bill.

  Private Hospitals  Public Hospitals
Ownership Private Individuals Government
Treatment They can refuse treatment to those who cannot pay They can’t turn anyone away
Size Usually Small Usually Large
Waiting time No long waiting lists Sometimes may take a year for your concern to be addressed
Up to date Medical technology Yes No
Personalized Care Yes No
Cost Expensive Affordable
Number of Beds Limited Larger number of beds

When it comes to public hospitals, the sharing of room is allowed whereas there are various patients with their respective families in a single room. The medicines are usually cheaper or free. The cost of the hospital bill is just inexpensive and sometimes, there are public hospitals that offer free of service because the government that shoulders the public hospital bills. In care of doctor, some doctors do not have a major field of study and most of them are doing their general practice in public hospitals. Sometimes, the patients are not immediately being assisted by the medical staffs due to the huge number of patients.


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