Pantheon vs Parthenon

Two Facades of World History


Pantheon and Parthenon are both ancient structures known in world history as both have been significant witnesses in historic events. Pantheon was built in Rome, Italy in 126 AD by Publius Aelius Hadrianus to serve as a temple for the Roman gods. Eventually, it once became a tomb for the royals. The structure’s architectural system is that of Arch Technology with circular shape and portico that supports granite Corinthian columns.  Currently, it is used by the Roman Catholic Church and is considered as a tourist spot. Marcus Agrippa originally built the temple in 27 BC but due to a major destruction of the structure’s bulk, it has only left the façade standing. Pantheon was then rebuilt in 126 AD upon the order of Emperor Hadrian.

Parthenon on the other hand was built in Athenian Acropolis, Greece in 447-438 BC by Iktinos, Kalikrates to honor the goddess Athena. It is a Doric temple with the iconic ionic columns that has a Post and Lintel Architectural System. The structure is entirely made of marble with a limestone base. The east pediment depicts Athena’s birth while the west depicts Athena’s battle against Poseidon. The structure was once damaged by fire destroying its roof and in 590s it was converted into a Christian church. During the 18th century the government made it as precinct and was damaged in the years after until 1975 when restoration efforts began. Today, Parthenon serves as a museum and a tourist spot just like Pantheon.



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