Nubuck Vs Suede

nubuck  vs  suede

You have decided to buy a new pair of shoe.  You know how much you want to spend.  Which type of shoe would you buy? It does not matter the pair of shoe is yours, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancé wife or husband.  If you have to choose between Nubuck and Suede, you need to compare and contrast the two on the basis of quality.

  Nubuck Suede
How it is produced Brushing and sanding the outside of the leather Brushing and sanding the inside of the leather
Stains and Scuffs Resilient Susceptible
Cost Expensive Less Expensive
Durability Lasts longer Not as durable

Color of shoes is a big issue with ladies than men. Color portrays a lady’s creativity and sophistication. Pink reflects gentility and romance.  Red conveys sexy look.  Blue a calming personality. Yellow expresses warmth and white does it for charm. Majority of men stick to simple, dark colored shoes that match a number of their outfits.

Nubuck and Suede are leather shoes.  Nubuck is made from smooth high quality leather product ground from the outer skin.  Suede is produced from the inner side of leather which is in contact the skin of the animal.

Suede is smooth and more flexible than Nubuck because the final product is more refined. Suede serves as good lining material for shoes such as loafers.  It is also easily stained therefore requires special attention and maintenance.   Suede is absorbent; it needs protection on the surface.


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