Difference Between NTSC Xbox 360 vs PAL Xbox 360

ntsc xbox 360   vs   pal xbox 360

Avid gamers look out! You might be using them all wrong. Without the proper knowledge of the difference of these Xbox 360 types, you will result to changing your system or experience more problems than you shouldn’t because of the marked difference – NTSC and PAL.

NTSC XBOX 360 is compatible with an NTSC type television. This is the type of XBOX released in countries where the voltage used is 110V – commonly in the Americas. There are also games that are only available in this type of console to prevent the confusion for buyers playing the type of game. Others have a version of the PAL and NTSC, so a keen eye is important to prevent confusion.

PAL XBOX 360, as you may guess, is compatible with a PAL type TV. It uses a 220V, common power line in Asia and Pacific. Games played in this version should also be checked for its compatibility so as not to purchase the games for NTSC type.

In cases that the wrong console is used in a wrong voltage, make sure that a voltage converter or voltage transformer is available. This will prevent any damage to your gadget or to your home.

Following are key Difference Between NTSC Xbox 360 vs PAL Xbox 360

Compatibility Is not able to connect with PAL TV set Is not able to connect NTSC TV set
Voltage Usual voltage is 110V Usual voltage is 220V
Games Games that works on NTSC will not work on PAL Games that works on PAL will not work on NTSC


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