Navy Blue, Royal Blue and Cobalt Blue

navy blue royal blue and cobalt blue

Blue Mini Skirt, Black Waist detail stands out with black bangles and Blue boots.  Whether you’re tall, petite, boyish build or curvy, having blue in the mix will flaunt your personality.  How do you pick the right color that fits the rest of your outfit?

You can never go wrong choosing color blue to go with your skin tone, hair style color to add sparkle to your overall outfit.  What difference do the shades make?

Blue varies in shades but not quality.  You have Navy, Royal and Cobalt Blue shades to choose from.   Blue traces its origin from mineral fragments ranging from Cobalt Azurite and Blue Dyes made from plants in Europe.  Blue is the color of light between violet and green.  You can get blue in darker and lighter shades depending on your style of outfit for the occasion.

  Navy blue Royal Blue Cobalt blue
Denote Darkest shade of  blue Brightest shade of blue Lightest shade of blue
Usage Mostly used in uniforms Paints Often used in ceramics and glassware
Aura meaning Practical but sensitive Plagued with misfortune but with their abilities to make strong connections with others often help their transition to surpass any difficult situations and turn them into easier ones. Very logical and intelligent

Blue is in vogue in the fashion industry with celebrities and fashion designers clamoring for a piece of the big blue pie. Blue matches with many colors. You’re in a hurry, mix and match blue with black, red, yellow and you’ve perfect outfit for the evening party.  Whatever shade of blue you choose, Navy, Royal, Cobalt, you’re assured of the right combination with other colors and the rest of the attire.


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