naan vs roti

There are two traditional flat breads in India – Naan and Roti. These breads are significant part of their meal and Indian diet as well. This article will elaborate the similarities and differences of these two pastries. 

Naan Roti
Flour preparation Leavened Unleavened
Made from Finely milled ,refined and bleach wheat flour called ‘maida’ Stoneground wheat flour named ’atta’
Where its cooked Tandoori oven Tava or  griddle
Consistency Twice as thicker as Roti Not so thick
Texture softer crisp

Naan usually be eaten only once within the day because of it is heavy as to its content when consumed that’s why it has more calories than Roti and takes time to be digested. The ingredients used for Naan includes refined or pastry flour, yeast, curd as well as cumin, butter, garlic, chili and etc… for its seasonings. The method of preparation for this kind of bread that differs from the Roti in which it is leavened dough. It is baked using a tandoor. The shape of the Naan bread can be in a variety.

Meanwhile, Roti also known as Chapatti is the basic staple food and diet for the Indians. It can be consumed 3 times a day and may be served with vegetables. Its contents make it a low-calorie food, light and nutritious. The main ingredient used for Roti includes whole grain wheat flour. It is baked using a tava or skillet. Usually, the Roti bread comes in a circular shape.


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