Difference Between MPEG4 vs MP4

mpeg4   vs   mp4

There is a vast dissimilarity between these two and also tons of misconceptions. All the while, they are thought to have the same functions, however, one is a file extension and the other, not.

The wrong notions:

Most non-techie people thought that mpeg4 is similar to mp4, and the shortcut of mpeg4 is mp4. They are thought to be file extensions and are different in data form – mp4 for audio, mpeg4 for videos. And mp4 is compatible with mobile phones, while mpeg4 is not.

Their usage:

Mp4 is used as a file extension that supports data, such as audio and video, that can play on a mobile or computer device. It can easily be detected as the files havea .mp4 after the file name. Mpeg4 is a kind of video format that needs a media container, such as the MP4. Simply it is a video codec, a compression method known to have lesser bandwidth for its encoded video and audio. Mpeg4 containers include mp4, AVI, QuickTime, Matroska, and many more.

Both are produced from Apple’s MOV File so to help in streaming the different videos and audios in different devices, or via internet. Converters are also available to make mpeg4 video compatible with other containers, aside from mp4.

Following are key Difference Between MPEG4 vs MP4

Annotation A compression method of the MPEG Can be a video file extension
Audio, video Codec File container,file format
Container Formats AVI, Matroska, Ogg,   QuiCktime , MXF nil




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