Difference Between Mono vs Stereo

Mono  vs  Stereo

In the world of speakers, two names have the continuous battle, of whom should be used, why it is used, and the best. Come to think about it, there’s no right nor wrong, it is all influenced by what you need in that certain situation. So stop the argument, and let’s check their purposes.

Monophonic speaker, mono for short, is a system that focuses all the audio signals to one audio channel. This does not mean that there is only one speaker. There can be numerous speakers used as output of sound, but the main thing is mono speakers doesn’t contain any information about the level and the arrival time of the signals to be replicated. This further means that the quality of sound in all the output devices is the same throughout the speakers.

Stereophonic speakers, widely known as stereos have been replicated several times. But to tell a “true” stereo is by checking that it actually contains two independent audio signal channels.To simplify this, one speaker has a different input, perhaps the voice of the singer, and the other speaker having the input of the sound. Therefore, all the components in a stereo speaker is important to channel the audio signals.

Following are key Difference Between Mono vs Stereo

Mono Stereo
Denote Is a system where all the audio signals are mixed together and routed through a single audio channel Is a system that have two independent audio signal channels , and the signals that are reproduced have specific phase and level connection to each other so that when played back there will be an apparent image of the original sound source.
Cost Less expensive for reproduction and recording More expensive for reproduction and recording
Utilization Telephone and mobile communication, radio talk shows, hearing aid, public address system and some AM radio stations FM radio stations, movies, music players and television
Recording Requires basic equipment and easy to record Requires technical knowledge and skill to record aside from the equipment. Relative position of objects and events are important.


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