Modern vs Contemporary Dance


In this more developed and highly advanced generation, the lives of the people have changed and so does their hobby such as dancing. Thanks to the technology that creates new sounds and beats and the music producers, the culture of dancing has now become more evolved and have created new genres. But in these genres, stills stands are the modern and contemporary dance. However, this two genres might be confusing for people who performs these dances.

Modern Contemporary Dance
Meaning A dance style that is not bounded by restrictions A dance style that has un- choreograph movements but is dictated by creative philosophy
Distinction Focuses more on moods and emotions Emphasis on movement, new styles of movement
Styles Gravity defying moves Fluidity and lightness of movement
Influences Jazz and ballet Variety of influences

The modern dance is more of a reflection of a style that is actually devoid of the classic ballet’s restrictions, more focused on the free interpretations from the inner emotions, and is removed from structured routines. The contemporary dance, on the other hand, is specifically aligned as a concert dance genre which is all about the movements being choreographed and is influenced by the compositional philosophy. This dance variety gains inspiration from the wide range of skills and methods that are inspired by the ballet and the modern dance, although it is having the restriction in its nature as a non-classical.

Although it is called modern dance, it is older than the contemporary dance because it has been performed in the late 90’s and early 20th century by the dancers in parties. The contemporary dance has been present and performed in the early years of the 20th century.


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