Difference Between Modem vs Router

modem   vs   router

As much as necessity is concerned, internet today becomes so essential that every household has it, or even every individual carries internet in their pockets. There are different Internet Service Provider (ISP) depending on your location, but in order for the internet to work properly in your house (or business establishment), a device should be in place that caters to this need.

Modem, modulator-demodulator, is a compulsory tool that controls the signal of the internet and facilitates the transmission and receiving of data. ISP provides the modem, which is registered in their server. The modem can function alone and connects to only one PC and does not need any security measures. It has two available ports, one is used for the ISP, the other for the PC with the use of Ethernet cables (some have another port for telephone line).

A router is a choice, as it extends the use of internet in the house (other places), which means you can either use it or not. It is a networking device that directs the internet from the modem to other gadgets such as computers and mobile phones. It can transfer internet signals via Ethernet cables or through wi-fi. Although seems powerful, it cannot connect to the internet on its own.

Following are key Difference Between Modem vs Router

  Modem Router
Annotation Maintain and establish the connection with Internet provider’s service and converts the signals from and to the router. Modem brings the information in. Router forwards traffic for the Internet to the modem, while keeping internal traffic from leaving the network. Router distribute the information to different devices.
Security No security measures There’s a security measures to protect the network
Can stand alone Modem can work independently without a router and deliver information to a single PC. Routers cannot connect to the internet without a modem. They can share information between computers but they can’t connect.
Important for Internet Modem is necessary for internet connection Router is not necessary but need to provide additional security and allow for multiple connections.
Connections Can connect to single PC using Ethernet port Can connect to multiple PC’s or networking devices via Ethernet or Wifi
Functions Transmit and receive data over telephone lines Directs data in a network. Passes data between home computers, and between computers and modem
Data Transmission Packet Packet
Type of Device Inter-networking device Networking device


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