Microsoft Visio 2007 Standard and Visio 2007 Professional

Changes in technology come fat. Who would have known Ms Office 2007 could replace Ms Office 2003.  Five years is a long period for any technology to stay as number one choice.  Yet that is the record Ms Office 2003 held.

Ms Word as a powerful processing program enables the creation of different types of simple and complex documents using sophisticated features as outline, annotations, charts, tables, integrated texts and graphics form the main frame function of Ms Office. Although the change from Ms Office 2003 to Visio 2007 Standard and Professional is pronounced, the main feature frame functions for entering, editing and emitting data are the same.

Visio 2007 is not a complete overhaul of 2003, rather a revitalization, improvement and introduction of new features to keep up with the rapid trend in change of modern technology in the market. Visio 2007 Standard and Professional offer top of the range quality services for business persons who rely on visualization and documentation to share ideas through flowcharts, organization charts and project timeframe.

  Microsoft visio 2007 Standard Visio 2007 professional
Main feature “Business tools” like flowcharts, office layouts, charts and project timelines ‘New data link functionality’
Designed for Business users Engineering, IT Professionals, Software developers
Building ,space, floor plans feature None Yes
Directory services None Yes
Engineering diagrams None Yes
VSM-Value streaming maps None Yes
Process flow diagrams None Yes

Visio Professional has more advanced features targeting Information Technology Professionals in engineering and software development. Visio 2007 Professional includes all the business diagrams contained in Visio 2007 Standard with additional comprehensive features in the high end functionality.

You get the advantage of creating,

  • Data link and Data functionality,
  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Architectural plans


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