Today, the world has become more and more industrialized and revolutionary because of all the emerging opportunities in the business industry whether they may be in technology, food, or any business industry. This has led to a more complex and technical requirement of studies or degrees which include the MBA and MMS. These two courses are common to the professionals, however, they have these differences that are unknown to many.

Stands for Master’s in Business Administration Master’s in Management Studies
Duration Two years Two years
Popularity More popular than MMS Less popular than MBA

Today, the MBA or Masters of Business Administration has evolved and has been an option that is very attractive for students that desire to become managers in different industries around the world. This course has been chosen by many because of good opportunities. It is designed as a two-year degree where students can choose from the subjects of marketing, accounting, HR, operations, finance, and project management or take the general course.

The MMS or Masters on Management Studies, on the other hand, is the same as the MBA in terms of the subject. But some Universities claim that MMS is more industry ready than other MBA degrees in other colleges and that’s because it is providing solid practical content other than theoretical knowledge as they have huge ties with corporations that provide students knowledge in the practical experience in the industry.


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