Manicure vs Pedicure


Ladies love colorful and cute embellishments on their clothes, shoes, accessories, and even on their nails. Apart from the design, it implies creativity, individuality, originality, and beauty hence, the major reason why the girls go to a salon and wear something nice on their fingers and the nails. Popularly, these beautiful nail arts are termed as manicure and pedicure. The procedure of cleaning the nails is just the same for the both salon services but still, they have differences.

Manicure Pedicure
Origin French “ ped” -foot + ”curare”attend to Latin Manus-hand and cura-“care”
What it is Is a beauty treatment characterized by the cleaning, massaging of the fingernails and the hand—it involves coloring and shaping the fingernails. Is a beauty treatment characterized by the cleaning, massaging of the toenails and the feet—it involves coloring and shaping the toenails, may also involve foot massage and foot scrub.
Application Hand Foot
Removal of dead skin cell by scrubbing No, not applicable Yes

Manicure is specifically intended on the finger-nails hence, the nails and hands are treated with the needed cosmetic as well as medical care. On the other hand, the term pedicure is definitely referred to the nails on the toes and the process of pampering them. Just like in a manicure, the pedicure treatment applies cosmetic and therapeutic care to prevent nail disease and beautify them. Manicure and pedicure can be manually or applied on the nails with the use of an electronic device especially created for nail arts. Actually, some are just searching through the internet and watch tutorial video clips to try the DIY manicure and pedicure. These nail treatments do not only keep your nails well-maintained but also make them healthy.


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