Life vs Live


These two words are mostly confused by everyone and get a lot of attention on what exactly are their meanings that differentiate them from each other. They do have the difference in terms of their meaning and in usage.

Life Live
Origin German ‘lieb’ which means body German ‘leben’ meaning life
Meaning The one that makes  animals and plants unique from non living matter —the very thing that enable growth, reproduction, activity ,etc. To supply oneself with sustenance, to pass life
Synonym Being,existence Exists,walk the earth
Antonym Death non existence Die,be dead

Life is used to separate the living and non-living things. Life can simply be defined as the event of combination of different factors or constituents which complete the act of living possible. These factors include oxygen, air, water carbon dioxide and others. These factors are the primary needs in order for a human or organism to start their life and make their own fates. Life is the whole time existence of an organism on earth.

The word live, on the other hand, is primarily used in conveying the sense of a certain event or anything that is happening at the same moment. It is commonly seen and used in the media sector such as entertainment shows or news where the word live is seen such as live commentary or live show. The word live is used for an event that is actually happening while being broadcasted on the television or in person. A live performance or show is primarily being characterized by the presence of individuals at the same moment that they are performing.


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