Difference Between Kosher vs Halal

kosher vs halal

These are two misunderstood concepts known as one and the same – well the truth is, they are very different. They are both food beliefs that play a very significant meaning in the lives of two different people – the Jews and the Arabs.

Kosher in Jewish belief is solely focused on the food allowed to consume according to their dietary law, found in Torah. The word came from the Hebrew “kashrut,” meaning, “proper.” The way a qualified Jew kills the animal should be quick, targeting one point on the neck, and draining all the blood. Kosher fruits and vegetables should be free from any bugs/insects. Kosher does not allow meat and dairy to be consumed together. And consumption of Kosher wine is permitted in moderation.

Halal is an Islamic belief, and covers the whole lifestyle of a Muslim (not just food), according to Quran. In Arabic, this word means lawful or anything permissible by law. They have the same way of killing the animal, as long as a qualified Muslim does the work, and starts with a prayer. All fruits and vegetables are considered Halal. For them, meat and dairy can be consumed together. And the wine is never be allowed.

Following are key Difference Between Kosher vs Halal

  Kosher Halal
Denote Hebrew word means proper or fit, this is a food law Arabic word means permissible, this is a food law
By Scripture Identified in Holy Bible and Torah Mentioned in Quran
Beliefs in slaughtering Say prayer to the first and last animal that they slaughtered Say prayer on each animal that they slaughtered
Alcohols Allows all wines Wines , alcohol, liquors and drugs are prohibited
Meat and Dairy Prohibited Permits mixing of meat and dairy


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