Kosher Salt vs Sea Salt

Which is the Saltier Option?

Salt have been used in a wide variety of dishes. However, specific kinds of salts are not widely known and most buyers are contented with what is available in the market. Most are not aware that salt have variations and differences across the globe.

Kosher salt is otherwise known as Rock Salt one of the most widely available salts in the market. The name came from the fact that kosher salt is used in extracting blood from a kosher meat. Kosher salt is obtained through evaporation but at times it can be produced by compressing the table salt under extreme pressure. Kosher salt is used both in cooking and curing meat. It is composed of sodium chloride and has a larger size and surface area. Kosher salt is easier to pinch hence commonly added as a seasoning.

Sea salt on the other hand is also known as Bay salt and is obtained by evaporating saltwater at atmospheric pressure and temperature. It is commonly used in cosmetics and in cooking. Sodium chloride and other minerals such as calcium and magnesium gives Sea salt a different taste. Its grain size is smaller than that of Kosher salt and has crystals that are pyramidal in shape. It gives crunch and briny taste when added to dishes.




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