Difference Between Kitchenaid Artisan vs Classic

kitchenaid artisan   vs   classic

The first difference between KitchenAid Artisan and Classic is their size. The Classic Model is smaller than Artisan, therefore the difference in features.

The Artisan has a noted increased in the usual feature found in the Classic style. There is an increased power (325 watts, compared to Classic 250 watts), bowl capacity (5 quartz versus 4.5), and weight (26lbs to 25lbs). Although it still retained some of the features found in the Classic style – speed setting up to 10, a tilting head and planetary action, and same dimensions of 13 15/16.

The Accessories are also upgraded, having a bowl feature with added handle and a pouring shield. And the same accessories as features with a nylon coated flat beater, 6-wire whisk, and dough hook type.

The usual applications in the Classic KitchenAid are egg whites, cream, frosting, butter, cream cheese, cakes, mashed potato, cookies, and pizza. Aside from these, the Artisan can also make bread.

KitchenAid Classic is recommended for beginner bakers and those who perform it as a hobby. It is only for small volumes and can do light to medium consistency of mixtures. Artisan is for regular and serious bakers. It can do large volumes and denser mixtures.

Following are key Difference Between Kitchenaid Artisan vs Classic

Kitchenaid Artisan Kitchenaid Classic
Power 325 watts 250 watts
Bowl capacity 5 quartz 4.5 quartz
Bread Yield 4-1/2 loaves 3-3/4 loaves
Cookie Yield 9 dozens 6-3/4 dozens
Cost Expensive Less expensive
Denote Use to prepare big quantities and denser mixtures, and has a wide range of attractive colors to choose Use to prepare less quantity or not bake big volumes or stiff batters often


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