Kilt vs Skirt


When it comes to the clothing, there are a lot of types of garments with different names but are confusingly similar in their looks, two of which are the kilt and skirt. These two are completely having almost identical appearance and characteristics that they are confused by most of the people. But actually, they are having their own differences to each other.

Kilt Skirt
Meaning A type of skirt worn by men Common term for clothing that covers the upper legs
Usual size Knee-length May be above several inches from knee or can even be just near the ankles
Patterns Tartan pattern Various
Pleats Yes Yes and No
When its worn Social events, performances, or also on normal days by Scottish men Anytime

Both the skirt and kilt are garments used for the lower part of the body, hanging from the waist and is flowing down to cover a leg’s portion. The difference is that a kilt is a type of skirt that is actually worn by men. This custom is an origin of the Scottish people and dates back from the 16th century. The skirt, on the other hand, is generally used as a term for the garment that covers the upper portion of the legs. Made from wool with a tartan or plaid pattern, the kilt is wrapped around the waist with a knee-length while the skirt can be made from any type of garment or fabric such as leather or denim and can be called a skirt as long as it is having a several of inches above the knees.


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