Juicers Vs Juice Extractors

juicer  vs  juice extractor

In these days of instant everything, you can choose from a variety of juicers and juice extractors. Juicers and juice extractors come in different sizes, shapes and the cost varies depending on the features and type of the device.  You can squeeze the juice by hand or use a variety of machines available in the market to quicken the process.  The machine will drain all the juice fast.

  Juicer Juice extractor
Cost Cheaper than juice extractor More expensive than juicer
Features Less features Have more features than juicer
Motors Smaller motor Bigger motor than juicer
Elaboration Used for extracting juice, does not separate pulp Used for extracting juice while separating the pulp and rinds from the juice

You can juice lemons, oranges, berries, celery, spinach among many fruits and vegetables.  Drinking one glass of fresh fruit provides you with healthful nutrients the body needs in addition to extra fiber.  The pulp is also used as garden compost. You have a wide choice of juicers in the market.  Juicers price range is determined by features.

Juice extractors are mainly used to extract juice from hard roots and vegetables. You can get juice extractor for nuts, fruits and berries depending on the motor or type of the blade. Centrifugal the most commonly used type “has a basket that spins at rapid speeds, creating a centrifugal force that separates the juice from the pulp,” an expert on these machines notes.   Juice extractors are more expensive due to the advance features they offer. The choice is yours.


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