Jaguars Vs Cheetahs

Jaguar is placed third behind tiger and lion the king of the jungle in the big cat’s category world.  Jaguar share resemblance with the leopard but their coat patterns is different. These two have similar light brown orange base coat with black sports.  How can you differentiate one from the other?

Jaguar has black circles on the coat with black sports in the middle. It is not uncommon to come across solid black Jaguar. Male Jaguar is larger in size, weighs 70-250 pounds, with 6 feet body length and 2-3 foot long tail.

Cheetahs are smaller in size compared to Jaguars. Cheetah spots tan base with black sport have small heads and ear to match.  Male Cheetah is larger than female with full maturity weight between 70-150 pounds and body length in the range of 3.5-4.5 foot and shorter tail than Jaguar male counterpart.

Jaguars are found in dense woodlands, swamps, grasslands and raw forests.  Jaguar’s diet consists of fish, deer, crocodiles, turtles and monkeys.

Cheetahs have the advantage of speed and sure footedness to prey on hoofed animals such as Impalas, Gazelles. Cheetah also feeds on large animals such as the wildebeest as well as their calves.


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