Jaguar Vs Panther

jaguar  vs  panther

Jaguar and Panther are both members of the big cat family.  Jaguar has black circles on the coat with black sports in the middle which makes it unique and sets it apart from Panther. You can also chance seeing solid black Jaguar. Male Jaguar is larger in size, weighs 60-120 pounds, with 6 feet body length and 2-3 foot long tail. Jaguar ranks third behind the Lion king of the jungle and Leopard in the big cat perking order.

  Jaguar Panther
Color Golden yellow background Mostly black
Scientific name Panthera onca Panthera pardus
Weight 60 to 120 kilograms 130 t0 160 pounds
Lifespan 12 to 20 years 12 to 20 years

There is no conclusive evidence to prove how frequently Jaguars mate.  But speculation is ripe that Jaguars mate throughout the year.  The lifespan of Jaguar is determined by its habitat. In confinement, Jaguar would live up to 20 years due to special attention the animal gets in captivity. In the wild, the time is estimated between 15-20 years.

Panther has no significant visible spots on its skin.  If you watch the Panther up close and candid you can detect faded spots.  Mostly, Panthers are black in color but white Panthers have been spotted in the game as well.

Jaguars and Panthers share biological similarities in the big cat’s family.  These two animals have enormous canines, powerful jaws and padded paws to floor the prey in a hit.  Skin color coding provides camouflage to waylay their prey


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