Difference Between Islam vs Muslim

islam vs muslim

A belief in the Prophet Mohammed as the one and true messenger of Allah (God), and the author of Quran. This is one of the highly populated religions, which mainly originated in Middle Asia, but found across the seas.

This belief/religion is known as Islam, although some prefer the use of the Islamic Religion. For people who firmly surrender and accept Allah, and baptized in the ways of Islam. This term also used in a community of believers, such as Islamic region, has their own unique lifestyle – from clothes, food, marriage, holidays, gender beliefs, laws and even a calendar. And they have a strict way implementing these beliefs, which makes Islam one of the most resilient religion.

A person under this religion is called a Muslim – Muslims for a group. They are no exception to all the laws written in Quran, and should have the full submission to their laws. All Muslims follow the same religious holidays and perform their worship in the Mosque. They believe in prayer, and practice this devotion for 5 times a day – all activities are stopped and everybody needs to pray. They have a strong sense of brotherhood, and will stand united when the time comes.

Following are key Difference Between Islam vs Muslim

Islam Muslim
Characteristic Islam is religion, an act of submissiveness to one God Community or believers of Islam. A person who takes role in the act of the submissiveness
Holy Book Quran Quran
Prophet Muhammad Muhammad
Origin Arabic word s-l-m Arabic word s-l-m
Act act of submitting to the will of God participates in the act of submission.


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