Integration vs Assimilation


The diversification of the people living in a country has divided the people with different cultures and beliefs. Sometimes the people themselves that represent a minority culture adopts the existing one. Some countries discriminate people with distinct cultures while others accept and value these minority cultures. In this article, it highlights the two types of minority cultures namely the assimilation and integration.

Integration Assimilation
Meaning Refers to the  acceptance of a minority(ethnic) to the controlling  culture(majority) Done by ethnic minorities to adhere to the customs and traditions to the main community to be the same with vast majority culture
Other term “Multicultural Mosaic” “Melting Pot”
Main Points Allows for extension of legal recognition to specific minority groups Loss of characteristics of minority group
Example Canada United States

In integration, there is a two-way relationship must occur to qualify it under this concept. First, the minority culture should accept the laws, traditions, and beliefs of the majority culture to retain the former’s identity and become part of the latter’s demography. For the second way process, the majority culture will accept the minority culture as a member of their community.

When it comes to the assimilation, the adoption of the laws, traditions, and beliefs implies an aggressive approach because the minority culture is forced to modify their customs and living for the sake of becoming a part of the majority culture. No two-way process was involved in this concept and the minority groups are the ones that must adjust to the norms and beliefs of the majority. As if in this concept, the minorities have no freedom.


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