Humidifier vs Vaporizer

To make it more Humid or to add Vapor


Humidifier and Vaporizer are both equipment with totally different functions and features. Humidifier adds moisture content in air to ease the dryness of the surrounding area. It is used especially when the climate is too cold and is too dry -particularly during winter. Moreover, it is used to combat common colds as it moistens the skin and the nasal passages. It produces water vapor by way of a rapidly turning disk that is submerged in water. Humidifiers need not be heated and it emits cold vapor. Chances are there is easy proliferation for bacteria as the low water temperature the humidifier produces is ideal for it. Humidifiers are normally expensive in the market.

Vaporizer on the other hand is an equipment used to inhale plant extracts for health benefits. Also, it is used to extract herbs and other plant essences and uses boiling water to produce moisture. A vaporizer uses a heating element that produces steam or hot vapor which may pose risks for acquiring burns. As it deals with high temperature, there is a low chance for bacterial proliferation. Children are prohibited in using one as it may cause accidents. Lastly, a vaporizer may require an inhalant to facilitate breathing and is generally cheaper than humidifiers.


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